What is Rony Seikaly's full name?

Ronald F. Seikaly

Rony Seikaly nickname(s):


Rony Seikaly date of birth:

May 10, 1965

How old is Rony Seikaly?


Where was Rony Seikaly born?

Beirut, Lebanon

How tall is Rony Seikaly?

6' 11" (211 cm)

How much does Rony Seikaly weigh?

230 lbs (104.3 kg)

Rony Seikaly body shape:


What color is Rony Seikaly's hair?


Is Rony Seikaly gay or straight?


What religion is Rony Seikaly?


What is Rony Seikaly's ethnicity?

Middle Eastern

What is Rony Seikaly nationality?


Where did Rony Seikaly go to school?

American School in Athens, Greece

Where did Rony Seikaly go to university?

Syracuse University

What is Rony Seikaly's occupation?

Basketball player

Rony Seikaly claim to fame:

Miami Heat

Short Biography

Ronald Fred "Rony" Seikaly (Arabic: رونالد ﺼيقلي‎), known in Greece as Rony Sakalis (Greek: Ρόνι Σακαλής; born May 10, 1965) is a retired Lebanese-born American professional basketball player. Considered one of the top college players from Syracuse Orange men's basketball program, Seikaly's stellar offense and defense placed him among the school's all-time leaders in rebounds, points and blocks while earning several nationally recognized awards and honors. His number 4 has been retired and raised to the rafters of the Carrier Dome.