What is Rosa Wunder's middle name?


What is Rosa Wunder's full name?

Rosa Victoria Wunder Peralta

Rosa Wunder nickname(s):

Rosa Wunder, Rosa Victoria Wunder Peralta

Rosa Wunder date of birth:

June 16, 1925

How old was Rosa Wunder when died?


Where was Rosa Wunder born?

Callao, Peru

When did Rosa Wunder die?

September 18, 2011

Where did Rosa Wunder die?

Lima, Peru

What is Rosa Wunder nationality?


What is Rosa Wunder's occupation?


Short Biography

Rosa Wunder was born on June 16, 1925 in Callao, Peru. She was an actress, known for Season of Love (1974), Madre Tierra (1978) and Cosas del amor (1998). She died on September 18, 2011 in Lima, Peru.Trivia (1) Mother of actor Gustavo Bueno.Rosa Victoria Wunder Peralta ( Callao, Peru, 16 of June 1925 - Lima, Peru, 18 of September of 2011, was an actress Peruvian part of the founders of the Coffee Theater Masks.Biography She devoted herself to working in the artistic environment since she was 24 years old as a radio broadcaster. At 31, he made his debut in her first play at the Theater of the Association of Amateur Artists (AAA).Later she participated in the works The Strongest , Three Stories to be told and Agnes of God , directed by Reynaldo D 'Amore in the Theater Club of Lima. In the year 1972 she founded the Café Las Máscaras , where artists such as Martha Figueroa , Edgar Guillén and the coffee-concert king VINKOIn 2000 she appeared in the telenovela Cosas del amor . Debutó in the television the year 1973 in the telenovela LA FABRICA His last theater play was The trees die of foot realized in 2008. 2In her sentimental life she had 4 marital relations. From her second relationship was born actor Gustavo Bueno. One of the most important words of Rosa Wunder was "Do not let yourself be beaten by things, things do not think, you do" that her father used to say.She died on September 18, 2011 in Lima, Peru, at 6:00 p.m., due to cardiac arrest.