What is Rose McIver's full name?

Frances Rose McIver

Rose McIver nickname(s):


Rose McIver date of birth:

October 10, 1988

How old is Rose McIver?


Where was Rose McIver born?

Auckland, New Zealand

How tall is Rose McIver?

5' 3¼" (161 cm)

How much does Rose McIver weigh?

115 lbs (52.2 kg)

Rose McIver body shape:


What color are Rose McIver's eyes?


What color is Rose McIver's hair?


Rose McIver distinctive features:

Blonde hair and big eyes

Is Rose McIver gay or straight?


What is Rose McIver's ethnicity?


What is Rose McIver nationality?

New Zealander

Where did Rose McIver go to school?

Avondale College, Auckland, NZ (2006)

Where did Rose McIver go to university?

Psychology and Linguistics, University of Auckland

What is Rose McIver's occupation?


Rose McIver claim to fame:

The Lovely Bones

Rose McIver body measurements:


What is Rose McIver's dress size?


What is Rose McIver's shoe size?


Who is Rose McIver's father?

John George Whitfield “Mac” McIver (Photographer)

Who is Rose McIver's mother?

Ann McIver (Artist)

Rose McIver brother(s):

Paul McIver (Older Brother) (Musician and former actor)

Rose McIver friends:

Jennifer Morrison

Short Biography

Frances Rose McIver (born 10 October 1988) is a New Zealand actress. Her mainstream feature film debut came in 2009's The Lovely Bones; other works include the films Predicament, and Blinder; as well as guest appearances in New Zealand-based shows Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Legend of the Seeker. McIver was a series regular on Power Rangers RPM, and she has recurring roles in both Showtime's Masters of Sex and on ABC's Once Upon a Time.