Russell Gleason date of birth:

February 6, 1908

How old was Russell Gleason when died?


Where was Russell Gleason born?

Portland, Oregon

When did Russell Gleason die?

December 26, 1945

Where did Russell Gleason die?

New York City, New York

Why did Russell Gleason die?

Accidental Fall from Hotel Window

How tall is Russell Gleason?

6' (183 cm)

What is Russell Gleason's occupation?


Who is Russell Gleason's father?

James Gleason

Who is Russell Gleason's mother?

Lucile Gleason

Russell Gleason family:

William Gleason (grandfather), Mina Crolius (grandmother)

Russell Gleason friends:

Lew Ayres, Ben Alexander, William Bakewell

Short Biography

The son of actors James and Lucille Gleason, Russell Gleason started his own career as a juvenile in several of his parents` stage productions. Russell made the transition to films in 1929`s The Sophomore; the following year, he scored a personal and critical success as Private Muller in the Oscar-winning All Quiet on the Western Front. His subsequent screen assignments included the role of perennial boyfriend Herbert Thompson in 20th Century-Fox`s "Jones Family" series, and Republic`s "Higgins Family" outings, in which he co-starred with his mother and father. Russell Gleason was 37 years old when he died in an accidental fall from a hotel window; his widow was radio and screen actress Cynthia Lindsay, who in 1975 wrote Dear Boris, an affectionate memoir of the Gleason family`s close friend Boris Karloff.