Rusty Magee date of birth:

August 6, 1955

How old was Rusty Magee when died?


Where was Rusty Magee born?

Washington, D.C., USA

When did Rusty Magee die?

February 16, 2003

Where did Rusty Magee die?

New York City, NY

Why did Rusty Magee die?

Colon Cancer

Is Rusty Magee gay or straight?


What is Rusty Magee's ethnicity?


What is Rusty Magee nationality?


What is Rusty Magee's occupation?

Comedian, actor, composer/lyricist

Short Biography

Benjamin Rush "Rusty" Magee (August 6, 1955 – February 16, 2003) was an accomplished comedian, actor and composer/lyricist for theatre, television, film and commercials.