Sanan Sjugirov date of birth:

January 31, 1993

How old is Sanan Sjugirov?


Where was Sanan Sjugirov born?

Elista, Russia

Sanan Sjugirov body shape:


What color are Sanan Sjugirov's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Sanan Sjugirov's hair?


What is Sanan Sjugirov's ethnicity?


What is Sanan Sjugirov nationality?


What is Sanan Sjugirov's occupation?

Chess player

Short Biography

Sanan Sjugirov (Russian: Санан Сюгиров; born 31 January 1993 in Elista) is a Russian chess grandmaster. He won the under-10 section of the World Youth Chess Championship in 2003, the under-14 one in 2007 and the World University Chess Championship in 2014.