How tall is Shauna Duggins?

5' 8" (173 cm)

How much does Shauna Duggins weigh?

118 lbs (53.5 kg)

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Short Biography

Hollywood stuntwoman extraordinaire Shauna Duggins built a lucrative career for herself as one of the preeminent stand-ins for actresses including Jennifer Garner, Michelle Monaghan, and Cameron Diaz in action sequences; she maintained her heftiest workloads as a Garner double on such projects as the series Alias. Duggins originally trained as an American Collegiate Gymnast before traveling to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. A chance meeting with some stuntmen at an area gym (who sought her advice on gymnastics and taught her martial arts techniques in return) led to stunt work on a series of films; Duggins came to specialize in such feats as piloting cars off of ledges, escaping from immolating vehicles, and diving out of buildings hundreds of feet above the ground. Duggins enjoyed one of her premier (non-stunt-oriented) dramatic roles with a small supporting turn in the John Simpson-directed sadistic horror yarn Amusement (2008).