What is Stephanie K. Grant's full name?

Stephanie Katherine

Stephanie K. Grant nickname(s):

Stephanie K. Grant, Stephanie Katherine Grant, Sky, Stephanie Katherine, Stephanie Grant

Where was Stephanie K. Grant born?

Kingsport, Tennessee USA

How tall is Stephanie K. Grant?

5' 4" (163 cm)

What is Stephanie K. Grant nationality?


What is Stephanie K. Grant's occupation?


Short Biography

Stephanie Katherine started singing at six months and made her onstage debut at Dollywood at two. At the ripe old age of four, she took up the cello. This focused young girl soon realized that her true calling was acting and hasn't looked back since turning seven.In 2009, (age nine) Stephanie Katherine's family moved from Kingsport, Tennessee to Los Angeles to nurture her career. Within weeks, she booked her first short film followed by a guest role on CBS' Criminal Minds.Stephanie Katherine was featured in the 2013 Cannes hit, Max Rose, playing the granddaughter of the legendary Jerry Lewis. She is attached to lead roles in the upcoming independents, And The Snow Lay Around (executive produced by Emma Thompson and George Pelecanos) and the German dramatic feature, Wonder Girls.In 2013, she guest starred on Nickelodeon's hit series, Dead Time Stories, playing Princess Giana, a friendly ghost trapped in a medieval castle.Numerous roles on network television pilots include the 2013 ABC Rob Cordry comedy, Spy, based on a popular UK series as well as the first episode of NBC's Save Me, starring Anne Heche. Sky has also been seen on the popular website Funny or Die in Grandsons of Anarchy, as a street tough pickpocket named Madonna.S.K.'s stage work includes Los Angeles' Geffen Playhouse production of Coney Island Christmas (2012). During her run at the Geffen, SK booked an Amazon Kindle commercial, who was so committed to the young actress that they arranged their shoot dates around her Geffen availability. Within minutes of shooting, the director who has worked with Meryl Streep said, "Mark my words, this kid is a Streep."It's clear that the sky is the limit for young Stephanie Katherine Grant. There aren't many thirteen year olds who speak Greek, French and Kirwandan, are award-winning cellists, and have won first place in the Tennessee State Fair Singing Competition performing "Part Of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. An adult came in second.