What is Steve Tran's full name?

Steve Tran

Steve Tran nickname(s):

Steve Tran, Steve Tran Quan, Steeve Tran, Steve Tran-Guan

Steve Tran date of birth:

April 22, 1985

How old is Steve Tran?


Where was Steve Tran born?


Steve Tran body shape:


What color are Steve Tran's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Steve Tran's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Steve Tran's ethnicity?


What is Steve Tran nationality?


What is Steve Tran's occupation?


Steve Tran agent:

Represented by : Agent Agitateur, Agent : Anne Laforestrie

Short Biography

Steve Tran is an actor, known for Cold Showers (2005), Haute Cuisine (2012) and Beur sur la ville (2011).Steve Tran (born 22 April 1985) is a French Vietnamese film and television actor. He has appeared in numerous titles, and in 2009, he recorded the soundtrack 'We Can Make It' for the film Tricheuse.