Svetlana Anufrieva date of birth:

November 12, 1970

How old is Svetlana Anufrieva?


Where was Svetlana Anufrieva born?

Chechnya, Russia

Svetlana Anufrieva body shape:


What color is Svetlana Anufrieva's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Svetlana Anufrieva gay or straight?


What is Svetlana Anufrieva's ethnicity?


What is Svetlana Anufrieva nationality?


What is Svetlana Anufrieva's occupation?

Producer, Actress

Svetlana Anufrieva claim to fame:


Short Biography

Svetlana Anufrieva was born in Chechnya and graduated from Moscow State University with a Master in Economic and Philosophy. While learning in Russia she started her movie-making career as an executive producer for movies: "Menyaly" (1992) and "Yekhej" (1995) of the famous Russian film director Georgy Shengelia. From 1995-1998 she was business manager for the International Trade Center "Russia" - in Moscow. In 1998 she immigrated to USA, where in the year 2000, she started MBA program at Paperdine University. Currently she is a vice president of the New Generation Films.