Birth year 1902 celebrities

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Birth year 1902

Rose Cliver Facts

Rose Wyrsch Cliver (October 9, 1902 – February 18, 2012) was one of the five last known survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. At the time of the earthquake, Cliver was three years old.

Jack Sharkey Facts

Jack Sharkey (October 26, 1902 – August 17, 1994) was an American heavyweight boxing champion. He was born Joseph Paul Zukauskas (his birth surname is sometimes given as Cukoschay), the son of Lithuanian immigrants, in Binghamton, New York but move

Louis Alter Facts

Louis Alter (June 18, 1902, Haverhill, Massachusetts – November 5, 1980, New York City, New York) was an American pianist, songwriter and composer. Alter was 13 when he began playing piano in theaters showing silent films. He studied at the New Eng

Sammy Fain Facts

Sammy Fain, born Samuel E. Feinberg, (June 17, 1902 – December 6, 1989) was an American composer of popular music. In the 1920s and early 1930s, he was also a popular vocalist.

Julie Leonard Facts

Tyrell Davis Facts

Tyrell Davis (1902–1970) was a British film actor.

Edward Eliscu Facts

Edward Eliscu (April 2, 1902 – June 18, 1998) was a lyricist, playwright, producer and actor.

Libby Taylor Facts

Václav Vydra Facts

Lucie Englisch Facts

Lucie Englisch (February 8, 1902 in Baden bei Wien – October 12, 1965) was an Austrian actress.

Anthony Nicholls Facts

Anthony Nicholls (16 October 1902 – 22 February 1977) was an English film, television and stage actor.

Pierre Brunet Facts

Pierre Émile Ernest Brunet (28 June 1902 – 27 July 1991) was a figure skater. Together with his wife Andrée Brunet he won Olympic medals in 1924, 1928 and 1932, as well as five world titles between 1925 and 1932 in pair skating. He also competed