Birth year 1915 celebrities

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Birth year 1915

Harry Eisenstat Facts

Harry Eisenstat (October 10, 1915 – March 21, 2003) was a Major League Baseball (MLB) player who played from 1935 to 1942.

Jean Chevrier Facts

Jean Chevrier (25 April 1915 – 13 December 1975) was a French film actor. He appeared in 50 films between 1936 and 1972. He was married to actress Marie Bell. At the end of his life, he was known as Jean-Claude Pascal’s lover. He was buried alongsi

Taiji Tonoyama Facts

Taiji Tonoyama (殿山 泰司, Tonoyama Taiji, 1915–1989) was a Japanese character actor who made many appearances in films and on television from 1939 to 1989. He was a close friend of Kaneto Shindo and one of his regular cast members. He was also

Ken Heintzelman Facts

Kenneth Alphonse Heintzelman (October 14, 1915 – August 14, 2000) was a professional baseball pitcher. He played all or part of 13 seasons in Major League Baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1937–42 and 1946–47) and Philadelphia Phillies (1947

Babe Barna Facts

Herbert Paul “Babe” Barna (March 2, 1915 – May 18, 1972) was a left fielder in Major League Baseball who played for the Philadelphia Athletics (1937–1938), New York Giants (1941–1943) and Boston Red Sox (1943). Barna batted left-handed and thre

Fred W. Friendly Facts

Fred W. Friendly (October 30, 1915 – March 3, 1998) was a president of CBS News and the creator, along with Edward R. Murrow, of the documentary television program See It Now. He originated the concept of public-access television cable TV channels.

Rosalyn Facts

Rosalie Lillian Hale was born in Rochester, New York, in early 1915; she had two younger brothers, a housewife for a mother, and her father worked at a bank. Her father’s job helped keep the family wealthy during the Great Depression. She was born be

Carequinha Facts

George Savalla Gomes, better known as Carequinha or Baldy the Clown (July 18, 1915 in Rio Bonito – April 5, 2006 in São Gonçalo), was a Brazilian clown and actor, born in a circus to a circus family. He had a thick head of hair, but wore a bald w

Cynthia Lindsay Facts

Ralph Holmes Facts

Don Budge Facts

John Donald (“Don” or “Donnie”) Budge (June 13, 1915 – January 26, 2000) was an American tennis champion who was a World No. 1 player for five years, first as an amateur and then as a professional. He is most famous as the first player, male or fem

Henry Kuttner Facts

Henry Kuttner (April 7, 1915 – February 4, 1958) was an American author of science fiction, fantasy and horror.