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Birth year 1948

Ed Kemper Facts

Edmund Emil Kemper III (born December 18, 1948), also known as The Co-ed Killer or The Co-ed Butcher, is an American serial killer, rapist, necrophile and cannibal who is known for having abducted and murdered several women in the early 1970s in Sant

Johnny Grubb Facts

John Maywood Grubb, Jr. (born August 4, 1948 in Richmond, Virginia) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder and designated hitter, who also occasionally played at first base. He played with the San Diego Padres (1972–1976), Cleveland Indians (

Robert Benjamin Smith Facts

Robert Benjamin Smith was born on February 10, 1948.Trivia (2)On November 12, 1966, Eighteen year old Robert Benjamin Smith walked a mile and a half from his home to the Rose-Mar College of Beauty in Mesa, Arizona. He rounded up everyone in the place

Dan Simmons Facts

Dan Simmons (born April 4, 1948) is an American science fiction and horror writer and author of the Hugo Award-winning science fiction series, the Hyperion Cantos, and the Locus-winning Ilium/Olympos cycle.

John Danby Facts

John Danby (born July 20, 1948) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player.

Bill Nelson Facts

Bill Nelson (born William Nelson, 18 December 1948, Wakefield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England) is an English guitarist, songwriter, painter, video artist, writer and experimental musician.

Marc Okrand Facts

Marc Okrand (/ˈmɑrk ˈoʊkrænd/; born July 3, 1948) is an American linguist, well known as the creator of the Klingon language.

James Faulkner Facts

James Sebastian Faulkner (born 18 July 1948) is an English actor, known for his many various appearance on television and in films, usually in supporting roles.

George Gerdes Facts

Leonard Crofoot Facts

Leonard John Crofoot (born September 20, 1948 in Utica, New York) is an actor, singer, dancer, writer and choreographer. He is also credited as ‘Leonard Crofoot.’

Dror Zeigerman Facts

Dror Zeigerman (Hebrew: דרור זייגרמן‎, born 15 May 1948) is an Israeli former politician and diplomat who served as a member of the Knesset for Likud between 1981 and 1984, and as ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1998 until 2000.

Joe Green Facts