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Birth year 1968

Robin Bissell Facts

Glenn Slater Facts

Glenn Slater (born 1968) is an American lyricist who collaborates with Alan Menken and other musical theatre composers. He was nominated for the Tony Award, Best Original Score for the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid and received his second To

Kevin Little Facts

Kevin Little (born April 3, 1968 in Des Moines, Iowa) is a former American athlete, who specialized in sprints. He won the 200 meter race in the 1997 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Paris, France. He won bronze in the same event in the 1989, 1993,

Jacek Krzyżaniak Facts

Jacek Krzyżaniak (born October 26, 1968 in Toruń, Poland) is a Polish international motorcycle speedway rider; former member of Poland national team who won silver medals at 1997 Speedway World Team Cup and 2001 Speedway World Cup. He won Individua

Dan Ariely Facts

Dan Ariely (born April 29, 1967) is the James B. Duke professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics. He teaches at Duke University and is the founder of The Center for Advanced Hindsight and also the co-founder of BEworks. Ariely’s talks on TED ha

Michael Kiske Facts

Michael Kiske (born January 24, 1968, in Hamburg, Germany) is a singer best known as the former lead vocalist for the German power metal band Helloween. After his departure from the band, Kiske recorded four solo albums, participated on various metal

Spike Spencer Facts

Charles Forrest “Spike” Spencer is an American actor best known for dubbing Japanese anime films. He is best known for roles in ADV Films dubs of Neon Genesis Evangelion (as Shinji Ikari), Martian Successor Nadesico (as Akito Tenkawa), and Excel Saga

Nick Wall Facts

Nick Wall, grew up in Long Beach, California. Nick studied theater as a young child at school. He was always passionate about the arts. He was in the school play “Annie”. His Glee Club instructor Miss Evon Clay inspired him to become a singer. Nick b

Stephen Bardo Facts

Stephen Dean “Steve” Bardo (born April 5, 1968) is a retired American professional basketball player.

Don Ackerman Facts

Pat Hentgen Facts

Patrick George Hentgen (born November 13, 1968 in Detroit, Michigan) is a former Major League Baseball player. Hentgen was a right-handed starting pitcher in the major leagues and a Cy Young Award winner in 1996. Hentgen is currently working in the T

Chris Haney Facts

Christopher Deane Haney (born November 16, 1968) is an American former Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher. He pitched from 1991–2000 and in 2002 for the Montreal Expos, Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, and Boston Red Sox.