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Birth year 1997

Cassidy Hinkle Facts

Sukpun Rattaporn Facts

Sukpun Rattaporn was born on June 10, 1997 in Thailand. She is an actress, known for Make It Right (2016).

Manuela Malsiner Facts

Manuela Malsiner (born 15 December 1997) is an Italian ski jumper.

Max Records Facts

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Eric Osborne Facts

Melissa Morelos Facts

Luca Hollestelle Facts

Erica Huang Facts

Erica Huang is an actress known for her role as June in the TV show Little Einsteins. She is currently studying theater at Boston University.

Alisha Boe Facts

Alisha Boe (born 6 March 1997) is a Norwegian actress. She currently portrays Janet on Showtime’s drama series Ray Donovan and Becca on the Jason Reitman-produced Hulu series Casual (TV series).

Nicole Atieno Facts

Lisa Vicari Facts

Christine Mascolo Facts

Christine Mascolo hails from the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, born on June 21, 1997. Her father is a Federal contractor originally from New York and her mother is a high-school mathematics teacher born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Christ