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Olive Hasbrouck Facts

George Watkins Facts

George Watkins (June 4, 1900 – June 1, 1970) was a Major League Baseball player, born in Freestone County, Texas who owns the National League record for the highest batting average in his rookie season, batting .373 in his rookie year of 1930, with

Harry Donenfeld Facts

Harry Donenfeld (October 17, 1893 – February 1965) was an American publisher who is known primarily for being the owner of National Allied Publications, which distributed Detective Comics and Action Comics, the originator publications for the super

Gus Meins Facts

Gus Meins (March 6, 1893 – August 1, 1940 as Gustave Peter Ludwig Luley) was a German-American film director. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany.

Shobha Facts

Shobha (23 September 1962 – 1 May 1980) was a South Indian film actress. She started her career as a child artist in the Tamil film Thattungal Thirakkappadum. Her first film as a heroine was Utrada Raatri. Shobha’s real name was Mahalakshmi. She wo

Ted Corday Facts

Theodore “Ted” Corday (May 8, 1908 – July 23, 1966) was a producer, director and creator (or co-creator) of soap opera for NBC, most notably the hit series Days of Our Lives

Hector Rodriguez Facts

Héctor Antonio Rodríguez Ordeñana (June 13, 1920 – September 1, 2003) was a Major League Baseball third baseman for one season (1952) with the Chicago White Sox. His natural position was shortstop, but he had the misfortune to be with the White

Burt Douglas Facts

Steve Perry Facts

Stephen “Steve” J. Perry (December 12, 1954 – May 2010) was an American writer of animated cartoons and comic books. He was murdered in 2010, allegedly by a roommate.

Hansi Knoteck Facts

Hansi Knoteck (2 March 1914 – 23 February 2014) was an Austrian film actress.

Albert Préjean Facts

Albert Préjean (27 October 1894, Paris – 1 November 1979, Paris) was a French actor, primarily in film. He served in World War I, and was decorated with the Croix de Guerre and the Legion d’honneur. With Lysiane Rey, he was the father of Patrick P

Tenen Holtz Facts

Tenen Holtz (February 17, 1887 – July 1, 1971) was a Russian Empire born American actor. He appeared in nearly 60 films between 1926 and 1961.