Death year 1901 celebrities

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Death year 1901

William Woodall Facts

William Woodall (Shrewsbury 15 March 1832 – Llandudno 8 April 1901), was a British Liberal politician, philanthropist and supporter of women’s suffrage.

Kate Greenaway Facts

Date of Birth 17 March 1846, Hoxton, London, England, UKDate of Death 6 November 1901, London, England, UK (br**st cancer)Birth Name Catherine GreenawayTrivia (4)British artist, writer and illustrator of children’s books.Born in Cavendish Street, Lo

Wojciech Gerson Facts

Wojciech Gerson (July 1, 1831 – February 25, 1901) was a leading Polish painter of the mid-19th century, and one of the foremost representatives of the Polish school of Realism during the foreign Partitions of Poland. He served as long-time profess

Francesco Crispi Facts

Francesco Crispi (October 4, 1818 – August 11, 1901) was an Italian patriot and statesman. He was among the main protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento and a close friend and supporter of Giuseppe Mazzini and Giuseppe Garibaldi, and one of the ar

Sir Graham Graham Montgomery, 3rd Baronet Facts

Sir Graham Graham-Montgomery, 3rd Baronet Stanhope DL (9 July 1823–2 June 1901) was a Scottish baronet and member of the British House of Commons. He entered the House in 1852 as a member for Peeblesshire, and held this seat until 1868, when it was

Mary Ann Bickerdyke Facts

Mary Ann Bickerdyke (July 19, 1817 – November 8, 1901), also known as Mother Bickerdyke, was a hospital administrator for Union soldiers during the American Civil War and a lifelong advocate for veterans. She was responsible for establishing 300 fi

Leopoldo Alas 'Clarín' Facts

Leopoldo García-Alas y Ureña (25 April 1852 – 13 June 1901), also known as Clarín, was an Spanish realist novelist born in Zamora. He died in Oviedo.

James Ward Facts

James Ward (1854–1901) was a United States Army soldier in the American Indian Wars and a recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions at the Wounded Knee Massacre.

Prince Edmond de Polignac Facts

Prince Edmond Melchior Jean Marie de Polignac (19 April 1834 – 8 August 1901) was a French composer.

Julius Zeyer Facts

Julius Zeyer (April 26, 1841 – January 29, 1901) was a Czech prose writer, poet, and playwright.

Charles Chaplin, Sr. Facts

Charles Chaplin (18 March 1863 – 9 May 1901) was an English music hall entertainer. He achieved considerable success in the 1890s, and is notable for being the father of the actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin.

Leon Czolgosz Facts

Leon Frank Czolgosz ( CHŌL-gōsh Polish form: Czołgosz, May 1873 – October 29, 1901; also used surname “Nieman” and variations thereof) was an American anarchist and former steel worker responsible for the Assassination of William McKinley, Pr