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Death year 1966

Ignacy Oziewicz Facts

Ignacy Oziewicz (pseudonyms: Czesław, Czesławski, Netta, Jenczewski; 1887 – 1966) was a Polish military colonel. During the First World War, he served in the Russian Tsarist army in various NCO and officers’ posts. In 1919, he joined the Polish A

Ted Corday Facts

Theodore “Ted” Corday (May 8, 1908 – July 23, 1966) was a producer, director and creator (or co-creator) of soap opera for NBC, most notably the hit series Days of Our Lives

Francis Edward Faragoh Facts

Francis Edward Faragoh (October 16, 1898 – July 25, 1966) was an American screenwriter. He wrote for 20 films between 1929 and 1947. He was nominated for an Academy Award in 1931 for Best Writing, Adaptation for Little Caesar.

Edna Flugrath Facts

Edna Flugrath (December 29, 1893 – April 6, 1966) was the eldest of three sisters who found fame as silent film stars.

Wheezer Dell Facts

William George “Wheezer” Dell (June 11, 1886 – August 24, 1966), was a Major League Baseball pitcher during 1912 and 1915–17. Dell pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals and Brooklyn Robins. He was the first Nevada-born player in Major League histor

Ed Lewis Facts

Robert Herman Julius Friedrich (June 30, 1891 – August 8, 1966), was an American professional wrestler and 6-time World Heavyweight Champion best known by his ring name Ed “Strangler” Lewis, whose career spanned four decades.

Kenneth Webb Facts

Kenneth S. Webb (October 16, 1892 in New York City – March 23, 1966 in Hollywood, California) was an American film director, screenwriter, and composer noted for directing a number of films in the early age of the American film industry. He helped

Lew Brice Facts

Lew Brice (born Louis Borach; October 26, 1893 in New York City, New York – June 16, 1966 in Hollywood, California) was an American dancer and comedian.

Hazel Boyne Facts

Maurice Hill Facts

Maurice Neville Hill FRS (29 May 1919 – 11 January 1966) was a British marine geophysicist.

Juan Espantaleón Facts

Juan Espantaleón (1885–1966) was a Spanish film actor.

Albert Hull Facts

Albert Wallace HullAlbert Wallace HullBorn: 19-Apr-1880Birthplace: Southington, CTDied: 22-Jan-1966Location of death: Schenectady, NYCause of death: unspecifiedGender: MaleRace or Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: PhysicistNationality: United StatesExecuti