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Death year 2000

Harry Newman Facts

Harry Lawrence Newman (September 5, 1909 – May 2, 2000) was an American football quarterback who played for the University of Michigan Wolverines (1930–32), the New York Giants (1933–35), and the Brooklyn/Rochester Tigers (1936–37).

Anthony Spinelli Facts

Anthony Spinelli (born Samuel Weinstein; February 21, 1927, Cleveland, Ohio – died May 29, 2000, Los Angeles, California) was a pornographic film director.

Noor Jehan Facts

Quintiliano de Mesquita Facts

Quintiliano H. de Mesquita (Quintiliano H. Guedes de Mesquita) (1918 – October 28, 2000), Brazilian physician and scientist, was born in João Pessoa, state of Paraíba. Your parents were Odilon Martins de Mesquita, trader, and Nathália Guedes Per

Lila Kedrova Facts

Lila KedrovaActive – 1954 – 1993 | Born – in Petrograd, Russia (now St. Petersburg) | Died – Feb 16, 2000 | Genres – Drama, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, ThrillerBiography by Hal EricksonBorn in Russia during the second year of the communist

Jimmie Davis Facts

James Houston “Jimmie” Davis (September 11, 1899 – November 5, 2000) was a singer and songwriter of both sacred and popular songs who served for two nonconsecutive terms from 1944 to 1948 and from 1960 to 1964 as the governor of his native Louisian

Burt Douglas Facts

X Brands Facts

X Brands (July 24, 1927 – May 8, 2000), sometimes credited as Jay X. Brands, was an American actor of German ancestry known for his roles in television series and some films. His best-known role was that of “Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah” (“Wolf who stands in wa

Paddy Joyce Facts

Patrick Francis Joyce (31 May 1923 — 27 July 2000) was a British actor of film and television productions. He was born in Trieste, Italy to Irish parents and moved to the United Kingdom as a child.

Reggie Kray Facts

Tony Gee Facts

Ivo Robić Facts

Ivo Robić (29 January 1923 in Garešnica, Croatia – 9 March 2000 in Rijeka, Croatia) was a Croatian singer and songwriter.