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Betty Saady Facts

Derlei Facts

Vanderlei Fernandes Silva (born 14 July 1975), known as Derlei, is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a striker.

Paulo Magalhaes Facts

Paulo Cezar Magalhães Lobos (born December 14, 1989, in Porto Alegre, Brazil) is a Brazilian-born Chilean footballer. He currently plays as a defender for Brazilian club Internacional.

Augusto Farias Facts

Augusto Farias is a Brazilian politician from the state of Alagoas. He is a brother of the murdered businessman Paulo Cesar Farias, who was the campaign treasurer of Brazilian President Fernando Collor de Mello. PC Farias was murdered in June 1996. O

Erasmo Viana Facts

Haakon Lorentzen Facts

Haakon Lorentzen (born 23 August 1954) is the son of Norwegian businessman Erling Sven Lorentzen (of the Lorentzen family) and Princess Ragnhild of Norway, the older sister of King Harald V and Princess Astrid of Norway.

Max Fercondini Facts

Geizibel Facts

Amarildo Souza do Amaral Facts

Amarildo Souza do Amaral (born 2 October 1964), simply known as Amarildo, is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a striker.

Fabiana Scaranzi Facts

Ana Paula Guedes Facts

Geison Rodrigues Marrote Facts

Geison Rodrigues Marrote or simply Geison (born April 28, 1987 in Porto Alegre), is a Brazilian striker. He currently plays for Brasil de Farroupilha.