Italian celebrities

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Luis Molteni Facts

Luis Molteni was born in Seregno, Italy. He is an actor, known for Pinocchio (2002), Manuale d’amore (2005) and The Triumph of Love (2001). See full bio »Born: Seregno, Italy

Linda Sini Facts

Linda Sini (born 13 February 1924, dead 5 February 1999) was an Italian film actress.

Susanna Nicchiarelli Facts

Eduardo Scarpetta Facts

Eduardo Scarpetta (1853 -1925) was an Italian actor and playwright from Naples, Italy.

Arianna Marchetti Facts

Roberta Mancino Facts

Roberta Mancino is an Italian skydiver, BASE jumper, wingsuit flyer and international model. She has participated in more than 7,000 skydives and won several awards and world records. She has gone on four skydives while completely naked, and on five

Flora Martino Facts

Italian actress, cookbook author. Wife of actor Robert Alda.

Rina Franchetti Facts

Rina Franchetti (23 December 1907 – 18 August 2010) was an Italian film actress. She appeared in 50 films between 1932 and 1990.

Giuliana Sgrena Facts

Giuliana Sgrena (born December 20, 1948) is an Italian journalist who works for the Italian communist newspaper Il Manifesto and the German weekly Die Zeit. While working in Iraq, she was kidnapped by insurgents on February 4, 2005. After her release

Karin Trentini Facts

Alberto Paloschi Facts

Alberto Paloschi (born 4 January 1990) is an Italian footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Swansea City AFC.

Ilaria Galassi Facts