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Frank Inn Facts

Frank Inn was born as Elias Franklin Freeman, (May 8, 1916 – July 27, 2002) was an American animal trainer. He trained several animals for movies, but was most known for his work with the dogs in the Benji series.

Boone Narr Facts

Boone Narr (born 1948) is an internationally known and respected animal stunt coordinator and one of the most celebrated Hollywood animal trainers. He is founder of the Boone’s Animals for Hollywood animal training facility located in Castaic, Califo

Mabel Stark Facts

Mabel Stark, whose real name was Mary Haynie (December 10, 1889 – April 20, 1968), was a renowned tiger trainer of the 1920s and she was referred to as one of the world’s first women tiger trainers/tamers.

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Dave Salmoni Facts

Dave Salmoni (born September 4, 1975) is a Canadian animal trainer, entertainer and television producer. He ha

Greg Tresan Facts

Greg not only appeared on several episodes of The Walking Dead as Richard Foster but he also played the Walker