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Rafiki Facts

In the story, “A Tale of Two Brothers”, it is revealed that Rafiki, at the time, is a traveler who happens to stumble onto the Pridelands during one of his many journeys. Zuzu arrives at his aid, and directs him to the Five Stones, which he finds eas

Aladdin Facts

Aladdin (/əˈlædɪn/; Arabic: علاء الدين‎‎, ʻAlāʼ ad-Dīn, IPA: [ʕalaːʔ adˈdiːn]) is a Middle Eastern folk tale. It is one of the tales in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (“The Arabian Nights”), and one of the best know

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Sun Jae Lee Facts

Sun Jae LeeBackground Designer at Disney TV AnimationValencia, CaliforniaAnimationPrevious Disney TV AnimationEducation California Institute of the Arts

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Richard Lico Facts

Richard Lico is known for his work on Destiny (2014), Halo: Reach (2010) and Halo 3: ODST (2009).

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