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David Graham Facts

Reggie Kray Facts

Dallen Bounds Facts

Dallen Forrest Bounds (August 9, 1971 – December 23, 1999) was an American serial killer. After killing two acquaintances, he barricaded himself with two women and ultimately committed suicide. Law enforcement officers have closed four murders in t

Desert Killer Facts

Deadliest Woman of England!Myra Hindley who is popular as Desert Killer, is responsible for the crimes which committed in Manchester of England in mid-1960. Ian Brady and Mira are responsible for Stealing, Murdering and abusing three 12 year old teen

Frank Capone Facts

Frank Capone (July 16, 1895 – April 1, 1924) was a Chicago mobster who participated in the attempted takeover of Cicero, Illinois by his brother Al Capone’s criminal organization. He had another brother, Ralph Capone, who worked in their businesses

Mario Casciaro Facts

Mario Casciaro Criminal – 2014-2016 20/20 (TV Series documentary)Himself – Formerly Convicted of Murder / Himself – Convicted Murderer- The Mystery on Johnsburg Road (II) (2016) … Himself – Formerly Convicted of Murder- The Mystery on Johnsburg Roa

Scabior Facts

Roy Thornton Facts

Stoneman Facts

The Stoneman was a name given by the popular English language print media of Kolkata to an alleged serial killer who menaced the streets of that city in 1989.

Paula Thomaz Facts

Abubakar Shekau Facts

Abubakar Shekau, also known by the alias Darul Akeem wa Zamunda Tawheed, or Darul Tawheed (“the abode of monotheism”) (Arabic: دار التوحيد‎‎), thought to be born between 1965 and 1975 is a Kanuri man known as the leader of Boko Haram,

Phantom Of Heilbronn Facts

The Phantom of Heilbronn, often alternatively referred to as the “Woman Without a Face”, was a hypothesized unknown female serial killer whose existence was inferred from DNA evidence found at numerous crime scenes in Austria, France and Germany from