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Ralph Kiser Facts

William Fleming Facts

William Montgomerie Fleming (19 May 1874 – 24 July 1961) was an Australian politician, who served in the Australian House of Representatives and the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.

Anna Larroucau Laborde de Lucero Facts

Anna Larroucau Laborde de Lucero (March 7, 1864 – September 3, 1956) was a French philanthropist and educator. Pioneer of the Argentine grape and wine industry. She was born in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France, more precisely in the district of Sainte-C

Applejack Facts

De Anne Kelly Facts

De-Anne Margaret Kelly (born 21 March 1954) is an Australian former politician. She was a National Party member of the Australian House of Representatives from March 1996 until November 2007, representing the Division of Dawson, Queensland. She was a

Charles Ingalls Facts

Wendell Berry Facts

Wendell E. Berry (born August 5, 1934) is an American novelist, poet, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer. A prolific author, he has written many novels, short stories, poems, and essays. He is an elected member of the Fellowship of S

Jonathan Kent Facts

Emma Frisch Facts

Farmer Smurf Facts

John Peel Facts

John Peel (1776? – 13 November 1854) was an English huntsman who is the subject of the nineteenth century song D’ye ken John Peel – “ken” meaning ‘to be aware of’ or ‘to know’ in some dialects of the North of England.

Sophie Dessus Facts

Sophie Dessus (born September 24, 1955 in Suresnes), a Socialist politician from Corrèze, currently represents the Corrèze’s First Constituency in the National Assembly, the first woman to represent Corrèze in the National Assembly.