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Louis Lomax Facts

Louis Emanuel Lomax (August 16, 1922 – July 30, 1970) was an African-American journalist and author. He was also the first African-American television journalist.

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Sarah Choi Lee Facts

Sarah Choi Lee (born 1971) is a Korean American reporter for CNN. Prior to working at CNN, Lee was a reporter for WJLA-TV, an ABC affiliate in Washington, DC from 2003-2009. She appeared on NewsChannel 8, which is owned by the same company, Allbritto

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Chu Mei feng Facts

Chu Mei-feng (Chinese: 璩美鳳; pinyin: Qú Měifèng b. August 5, 1966) is a Taiwanese TV journalist, former Taipei City councillor and the former director of Hsinchu City’s Bureau of Cultural Affairs.

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Lee McKenzie Facts

Lee McKenzie (born 1 December 1977) is a reporter and deputy presenter for BBC’s Formula One coverage and is the main presenter of Inside F1 for BBC News. McKenzie has also worked as a presenter for Sky Sports and Sky Sports News.

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