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Dikgang Moseneke Facts

Dikgang Ernest Moseneke (born 20 December 1947) is the Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa.

Joseph Robert Goodwin Facts

Joseph Robert Goodwin (born 1942) is a United States federal judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia.

Marcia G. Cooke Facts

Marcia Gail Cooke (born 1954) is an American lawyer and district judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. She joined the court in 2004 after being nominated by President George W. Bush.

Julia Smith Gibbons Facts

Julia Smith Gibbons (born December 23, 1950 in Pulaski, Tennessee) is a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Roland Freisler Facts

Roland Freisler (30 October 1893 – 3 February 1945) was a prominent Nazi lawyer and judge. He was State Secretary of the Reich Ministry of Justice and President of the People’s Court (Volksgerichtshof), which was set up outside constitutional autho

Margaret R. Hinkle Facts

Yona Yahav Facts

Yona Yahav (Hebrew: יונה יהב‎, born 19 June 1944) is an Israeli lawyer and politician. Formerly a member of the Knesset for the Labor Party, he is currently mayor of Haifa.

Pierre de Lancre Facts

Pierre de Rosteguy de Lancre or Pierre de l’Ancre, Lord of De Lancre (1553 – 1631), was the French judge of Bordeaux who conducted a massive witch-hunt in Labourd in 1609. In 1582 he was named judge in Bordeaux, and in 1608 King Henry IV of France

Louis Bétournay Facts

Louis Bétournay (November 13, 1825 – October 30, 1879) was a lawyer and judge who was born in Saint-Lambert, QC and died at Saint-Boniface, Manitoba.

Teori Zavascki Facts

Teori Albino Zavascki was a justice of the Supreme Court of Brazil. At the time of his death in a plane crash in Paraty, he was the justice in charge of the trials resulting from Operation Car Wash.

Yitzhak Raveh Facts

Yitzhak Raveh (10 November 1906 – 8 November 1989) was a German-born Israeli judge who was one of the panel of three judges presiding over the trial of Adolf Eichmann. The other judges were Moshe Landau and Benjamin Halevi.

Belinda Ang Saw Ean Facts

Belinda Ang Saw Ean (Chinese: 洪素燕; pinyin: Hóng Sù Yàn) is a Singaporean judge of the Supreme Court. Ang was first appointed Judicial Commissioner in February 2002, and Judge in January 2003. Prior to these appointments, she was a lawyer and