Keyboardist celebrities

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Scott Warren Facts

Scott Warren (3 November 1962, Chicago) was the latest keyboardist for heavy metal band Dio and Heaven & Hell.

Money Mark Facts

Mark Ramos Nishita, known professionally as Money Mark, is an American producer and musician, best known for his collaborations with the Beastie Boys from 1992 until 2011. Born in Detroit to a Japanese-Hawaiian father and a Chicano mother, he moved t

Roxanne Constantin Facts

Roxanne Constantin is a Canadian musician who is currently a member of the band Quo Vadis and formerly Negativa and Rostrum. She has a B.A. in piano performance from the Montreal Conservatory of Music.

Jamie Brooksby Facts

Jamie Brooks (born 8 July 1983, Coventry, England) is an English pianist, keyboard player and composer/arranger.

Chris Johnstone Facts

Tommy King Facts

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tommy King is emerging as one of the city’s top new artists. In high school, Tommy spent his mornings studying jazz at the Hamilton Music Academy, his afternoons surfing at LA beaches, and his evenings gigging at eve

Peter Keys Facts

Peter Pisarczyk (born May 30, 1965), better known as Peter Keys is an American keyboardist. He is best known for his work with George Clinton in various P-Funk line-ups and as a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd since 2009.

Falk Maria Schlegel Facts

Isom Innis Facts

Elizabeth Kimbrough Facts

Ronnie Leahy Facts

Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Leahy (born 4 October 1947, in Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland) is a keyboard player best known for his work with Jack Bruce, Jon Anderson, and Nazareth (1998–2002, when Leahy retired from touring). He first gained recognition as key

Emmi Silvennoinen Facts

Emmi Silvennoinen (born April 9, 1988 in Finland) is keyboardist for the folk metal band Ensiferum. She has been filling the role following the departure of Meiju Enho from Ensiferum in September 2007 before joining it as the current member during th