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Geoffrey Robertson Facts

Geoffrey Ronald Robertson QC (born 30 September 1946) is a human rights barrister, academic, author and broadcaster. He holds dual Australian and British citizenship.

Ken Rosenberg Facts

Life up to 1986Ken Rosenberg successfully graduated as a lawyer, although he is suspected of cheating on his exams, and established his own business, K. Rosenberg & Co., setting up the firm in Vice City, with the company’s office being inside the Hot

Charlie Herschel Facts

Christine A. Varney Facts

Christine A. Varney is an American lawyer, lobbyist, and internet policy and antitrust expert who is most widely known as a former U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division for the Obama Administration and as a Federal Trade Commissi

Manfred Rommel Facts

Manfred Rommel CBE (24 December 1928 – 7 November 2013) was a German politician belonging to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), who served as Lord Mayor of Stuttgart from 1974 until 1996. He was the only son of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and his

Ana Vasconcelos Facts

Crystal Eastman Facts

Crystal Catherine Eastman (June 25, 1881 – July 8, 1928) was an American lawyer, antimilitarist, feminist, socialist, and journalist. She is best remembered as a leader in the fight for women’s suffrage, as a co-founder and co-editor with her broth

Tan Choo Leng Facts

Tan Choo Leng (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Chén Zilíng) is the wife of Goh Chok Tong, who was the second Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore from November 26, 1990 to August 12, 2004 and Senior Minister.

Mark Feygin Facts

Mark Feygin (born 3 June 1971) is a Russian lawyer and politician. He served from January 1994 to December 1995 as a deputy of the State Duma and was the vice mayor of Samara. In 2011 and 2012, Feygin was active in opposition to President Vladimir Pu

Myra Bradwell Facts

Myra Colby Bradwell (February 12, 1831 – February 14, 1894) was a publisher and political activist. She attempted to become the first woman to be admitted to the Illinois bar, but was denied admission by the Illinois Supreme Court and the U.S. Supr

Melvin Belli Facts

Melvin Mouron Belli (July 29, 1907 – July 9, 1996) was a prominent American lawyer known as “The King of Torts” and by insurance companies as “Melvin Bellicose”. He had many celebrity clients, including Zsa Zsa Gabor, Errol Flynn, Chuck Berry, Muh

Georges Kiejman Facts