Pianist celebrities

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Bobby Lyle Facts

Bobby Lyle is a jazz, soul jazz, and smooth jazz pianist. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee but grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota in a home near the corner of Park Avenue and 32nd Street. His father, reportedly, was a sports writer for the Star Tribu

Ruth Lowe Facts

Ruth Lowe (August 12, 1914 – January 4, 1981) was a Canadian pianist and songwriter. She wrote the song “I’ll Never Smile Again” after her husband died during surgery. The song was later covered by many artists, including Frank Sinatra and The Ink

André Ristic Facts

André Ristic (born 19 December 1972) is a Canadian composer, pianist, accordion player, and music theorist. He has won several awards, including the Jules Léger Prize for New Chamber Music in 2000 for his work Catalogue de bombes occidentales, the

Vasily Shcherbakov Facts

Vasily Shcherbakov (Russian: Василий Фёдорович Щербаков, Vasily Fyodorovitch Shcherbakov; Born June 19, 1969) is a Russian pianist, professor and composer.

Lana Genc Facts

Cristina Ortiz Facts

Cristina Ortiz (born April 17, 1950, in Bahia) is a Brazilian pianist.

Martin Stadtfeld Facts

Martin Stadtfeld (born November 19, 1980 in Gackenbach) is a German pianist.

Andrea Bacchetti Facts

Andrea Bacchetti (born 1977) is an Italian pianist.

Françoys Bernier Facts

Françoys Joseph Arthur Maurice Bernier (12 July 1927 – 3 February 1993) was a Canadian pianist, conductor, radio producer, arts administrator, and music educator. He served as the music director of the Montreal Festivals from 1956–1960 and was

Charles Meyer Facts

He is sometimes confused with another composer by the same name who died in 1904Charles Mayer (21 March 1799 in Königsberg – 2 July 1862 in Dresden), also known as Carl Mayer or Charles Meyer, was a Prussian pianist and composer active in the earl

Hans Fjellestad Facts

Hans FjellestadFilmmakerHans Fjellestad is a pianist, music composer and documentary filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. WikipediaBorn: May 2, 1968 (age 47)Education: University of California, San DiegoAlbums: Snails R Sexy, Red Sauce Baby, K

Agnes Zimmermann Facts

Agnes Zimmermann (5 July 1847 – 14 November 1925) was a German concert pianist and composer who lived in England.