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Saskia Boxford Facts

Saskia Boxford is an English socialite born in 1985. Saskia studiesd music in a posh all girls boarding school called Roedean. In a 2003 interview with Tatler, she revealed,“Rap music turns me into a ghetto slag.”The sultry beauty has also done s

Gloria Baker Facts

half sister of Alfred Vanderbilt II

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Charlotte Astor Facts

Socialite; Philanthropist. Mrs. Astor, nee Charlotte Augusta Gibbs, was the wife of John Jacob Astor III. She and her husband dedicated their time and fortune to a variety of charitable causes. Mrs. Astor was notably an early supporter of cancer rese

Jayne Wrightsman Facts

Jayne Wrightsman (born Jane Kirkman Larkin on October 21, 1919, in Flint, Michigan) is an American philanthropist, fine arts collector and widow of philanthropist and art collector, Charles B. Wrightsman (1895–1986). She was named to the Internatio

Lynn Wyatt Facts

Lynn Wyatt (née Sakowitz; born July 16, 1935) is the daughter of Bernard and Ann Baum Sakowitz and the sister of Robert T. Sakowitz.