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Maria Elena Useche Facts

Viviana Dávila Facts

Andreea Esca Facts

Andreea Esca (born August 29, 1972) is a Romanian television journalist on the Pro TV network.

István Vágó Facts

István Vágó (born as István Vágó on 14 February 1949 in Budapest, Hungary) is a Hungarian television host for the Budapest-based TV2, best known as the host of “Legyen ön is Milliomos” the Hungarian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

Judit Péterfi Facts

Maria Elisa Facts

Maria Elisa Domingues, known as Maria Elisa (born June 4, 1950) is a journalist and television presenter.

Aneta Parišková Facts

Ray Cokes Facts

Ray Cokes (born Raymond Christopher Cokes on 24 February 1958 on the Isle of Wight) is an English television presenter.

Miriam Kalisova Facts

Judit Stahl Facts

Alejandra Azcárate Facts

Tamás Vitray Facts