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Bailey Rumsey Facts

Laura’s daughter, Bailey is now 21. She is graduated high school and now attended community college in Austin. She current work at a restaurant.

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Mindy Lawton Facts

Ms Lawton is the Fifth bedmate to surface – a brunette who reportedly romped with Woods in a church parking lot and in his Florida mansion while his then-pregnant wife was away from home. Lawton, 33, a manager at an Orlando-area Perkins restaurant, s

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Daphne Landry Facts

Stephanie Valencia Facts

Dawn Green Facts

Alice Johnson Facts

Alice is a perpetual daydreamer. She is hopelessly optimistic, despite the death of their mother and their father slipping further and further into the throes of alcoholism. Alice attends Springwood High with her brother Rick, his girlfriend Kristen,

Arlene Fowler Facts

Courtney Yates Facts

Courtney Yates (born March 26, 1981) is a waitress who became part of the reality television show Survivor: Ch

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Holly Facts

Holly Sullivan (Character)from The Wedding Singer (1998)FilmographyThe Wedding Singer (1998) Played by Christi