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Lauren Riihimaki Facts

Do-It-Yourself specialist on YouTube who posts fashion advice videos to her popular channel LaurDIY. She also runs a blog by the same name.

Taylor Reneau Facts

Taylor Reneau (born December 26, 1993) is YouTube personality, video producer and educator. Better known by her Internet handle YesReneau.

Ciera Stitz Facts

Kandee Johnson Facts

Make-up artist for film and television who created a YouTube channel to produce videos that showcase herself being transformed in characters and celebrities such as Snow White, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Willie Robertson, and Edward Scissorhands by

Meepy Gal Facts

Melissa Flentzeris Facts

Melissa Flentzeris (born 26 March 1989) is an Australian YouTube personality and prankster known for her channel MelissaFlentzerisTV. Flentzeris has collaborated with other notable YouTubers such as Brian Atlas from YouTube’s channel called whatever,

Lainey Jackson Facts

Chelsea Briggs Facts

BryanStars Facts

Bryan Odell (born 22 May 1990), better known by his online alias, BryanStars, is a Japanese-born American online music blogger on YouTube. As of February 23, 2016, his BryanStars YouTube channel has over 748,000 subscribers. He has also been part of

Sky Valentine Facts

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