What is Tanyon Sturtze's middle name?


What is Tanyon Sturtze's full name?

Tanyon James Sturtze

Tanyon Sturtze date of birth:

October 12, 1970

How old is Tanyon Sturtze?


Where was Tanyon Sturtze born?

Worcester, MA

How tall is Tanyon Sturtze?

6' 5" (196 cm)

How much does Tanyon Sturtze weigh?

190 lbs (86.2 kg)

Tanyon Sturtze body shape:


What color is Tanyon Sturtze's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Tanyon Sturtze gay or straight?


What is Tanyon Sturtze's ethnicity?


What is Tanyon Sturtze nationality?


Where did Tanyon Sturtze go to school?

St. Peter-Marion (Worcester, MA)

What is Tanyon Sturtze's occupation?

Former Major League Baseball Player, Insurance Sales

Tanyon Sturtze claim to fame:

New York Yankees (2004–2006)

Short Biography

Tanyon James Sturtze (born October 12, 1970) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher.