Theo Keating nickname(s):

Touché, Theo Keating, Fake Blood

Where was Theo Keating born?


What is Theo Keating nationality?


What is Theo Keating's occupation?

DJ, musician, producer

What genre is Theo Keating's work?

Electro house, fidget house, hip hop

What instruments does Theo Keating play?

Turntables, CDJ, programming

Short Biography

Theo Keating, also known as Fake Blood and Touché, is a British DJ, musician and music producer who made his name as one half of The Wiseguys, a British hip hop/big beat band, together with Paul Eve. Some of their best-known songs are "Start the Commotion" and "Ooh La La" (not to be confused with the Goldfrapp song of the same name), which were used in commercials for Mitsubishi and Budweiser. Keating's current project is a duo called The Black Ghosts where he performs with Simon William Lord, formerly a founding member of rock band Simian.

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