What is Thomas Louis's full name?

Thomas Louis

Thomas Louis nickname(s):

Thomas Louis, Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Louis, 1st Baronet

Thomas Louis date of birth:

May 11, 1758

How old was Thomas Louis when died?


Where was Thomas Louis born?

Exeter, Devon England

When did Thomas Louis die?

May 17, 1807

Where did Thomas Louis die?

Alexandria harbour , Egypt

What is Thomas Louis's ethnicity?


What is Thomas Louis nationality?


What is Thomas Louis's occupation?

Royal Navy Rear-Admiral

Short Biography

Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Louis, 1st Baronet (bap. 11 May 1758 – 17 May 1807) was an officer of the British Royal Navy who served in three wars and saw numerous actions, notably as one of Horatio Nelson's "Band of Brothers" in the Mediterranean in 1798 who commanded ships at the Battle of the Nile. Louis had previously seen extensive action during the American Revolutionary War and later was to be second in command at the Battle of San Domingo, for which service he was made a baronet. He died of an unknown ailment aboard his flagship in Alexandria harbour in 1807 and was buried in Malta.