Timo Mäkinen nickname(s):

The Flying Finn

Timo Mäkinen date of birth:

May 18, 1938

How old was Timo Mäkinen when died?


Where was Timo Mäkinen born?

Helsinki, Finland

When did Timo Mäkinen die?

May 4, 2017

What is Timo Mäkinen's ethnicity?


What is Timo Mäkinen nationality?


What is Timo Mäkinen's occupation?

Rally driver

Short Biography

Timo Mäkinen (born 18 March 1938 in Helsinki, Finland) is one of the original "Flying Finns" of motor rallying. He is most famous for his hat-tricks of wins in the RAC Rally and the 1000 Lakes Rally.