Tiziano Ferro date of birth:

February 21, 1980

How old is Tiziano Ferro?


Where was Tiziano Ferro born?

Latina, Italy

How tall is Tiziano Ferro?

5' 11½" (182 cm)

Tiziano Ferro body shape:


What color are Tiziano Ferro's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Tiziano Ferro's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Tiziano Ferro gay or straight?


What religion is Tiziano Ferro?

Roman Catholic

What is Tiziano Ferro's ethnicity?


What is Tiziano Ferro nationality?


Where did Tiziano Ferro go to university?

Universitá da Roma

What is Tiziano Ferro's occupation?


What genre is Tiziano Ferro's work?

Pop, R&b;, Latin pop, R&B

What instruments does Tiziano Ferro play?


Short Biography

Tiziano Ferro (born 21 February 1980) is an Italian singer-songwriter, producer and author. He broke through in 2001 with his international hit single "Perdono" and has remained commercially successful since then, primarily in his home country. Ferro has released a Spanish version of each of his albums, and has also sung in English, Portuguese, and French. Known as the modern face of Italian pop music, he frequently writes songs for other artists and has produced albums for Giusy Ferreri, Alessandra Amoroso and Baby K.