What is Tom Petersson's full name?

Thomas John Petersson

Tom Petersson nickname(s):

Tom Peterson

Tom Petersson date of birth:

May 9, 1950

How old is Tom Petersson?


Where was Tom Petersson born?

Rockford, Illinois, United States

Tom Petersson body shape:


What color is Tom Petersson's hair?

Dyed Blonde

Is Tom Petersson gay or straight?


What is Tom Petersson's ethnicity?


What is Tom Petersson nationality?


What is Tom Petersson's occupation?


Tom Petersson claim to fame:

Cheap Trick

What genre is Tom Petersson's work?


What instruments does Tom Petersson play?

Bass guitar, guitar, vocals

Tom Petersson agent:

Richard De La Font Agency

Short Biography

Thomas John Peterson (born May 9, 1950), better known as Tom Petersson, is an American musician who is best known for being the bass guitar player for the rock band Cheap Trick.