Tomasz Wróblewski nickname(s):

Orion, Anubis

Tomasz Wróblewski date of birth:

June 2, 1980

How old is Tomasz Wróblewski?


Where was Tomasz Wróblewski born?

Warsaw, Poland

Tomasz Wróblewski body shape:


What color are Tomasz Wróblewski's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Tomasz Wróblewski's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Tomasz Wróblewski gay or straight?


What is Tomasz Wróblewski's ethnicity?


What is Tomasz Wróblewski nationality?


What is Tomasz Wróblewski's occupation?

Bassist, Vocalist

Tomasz Wróblewski claim to fame:


What genre is Tomasz Wróblewski's work?

Blackened death metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock

What instruments does Tomasz Wróblewski play?

Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Tomasz Wróblewski commercials and brand endorsements:

ESP/Ltd., Bounty Hunter, Crazy Cat

Short Biography

Tomasz Wróblewski (born 2 June 1980 in Warsaw, Poland), stage name Orion, is a Polish extreme metal musician, best known for being the bassist and backing vocalist for black-death metal band Behemoth. Since 1997, he also is a member of symphonic black metal band Vesania, as a lead vocalist and guitarist.