What is Vasily Biskupsky's full name?

Vasily Viktorovich Biskupsky

Vasily Biskupsky nickname(s):

Василий Бискупский

Vasily Biskupsky date of birth:

April 27, 1878

How old was Vasily Biskupsky when died?


Where was Vasily Biskupsky born?

Tomsk, Russian Empire

When did Vasily Biskupsky die?

June 18, 1945

Where did Vasily Biskupsky die?

Munich, Germany

Vasily Biskupsky body shape:


What color are Vasily Biskupsky's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Vasily Biskupsky's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Vasily Biskupsky gay or straight?


What is Vasily Biskupsky's ethnicity?


What is Vasily Biskupsky nationality?


What is Vasily Biskupsky's occupation?

Cavalry general, businessman, politician

Vasily Biskupsky claim to fame:

married extremely popular singer Anastasia Vyaltseva; supported Adolf Hitler (whom he claimed to have concealed in his own apartment in Munich after the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch).

Short Biography

Vasily Viktorovich Biskupsky (Василий Викторович Бискупский; 1878–1945) was a right-wing Russian general of Ukrainian origin who helped finance Hitler's rise to power.