What is Violet Heming's full name?

Violet Hemming

Violet Heming date of birth:

January 27, 1895

How old was Violet Heming when died?


Where was Violet Heming born?

Leeds, Yorkshire, England, UK

When did Violet Heming die?

July 4, 1981

Where did Violet Heming die?

New York

How tall is Violet Heming?

5' 2½" (159 cm)

Violet Heming body shape:


What color are Violet Heming's eyes?


What color is Violet Heming's hair?


Is Violet Heming gay or straight?


What is Violet Heming's ethnicity?


What is Violet Heming nationality?


What is Violet Heming's occupation?


Who is Violet Heming's father?

Alfred Hemming

Short Biography

Violet Heming (January 27, 1895 - July 4, 1981) was an English stage and screen actress. Born Violet Hemming in Leeds, Yorkshire, she was the daughter of Alfred Hemming who appeared in silent films and Mabel Allen. She began a stage career in 1908 while in her early teens and also appeared in her first motion picture, a short film for Thanhouser Film Company, in 1910. In 1913, she appeared with George Arliss in the play Disraeli.