What is Virginia Apgar's full name?

Virginia Apgar

Virginia Apgar date of birth:

June 7, 1909

How old was Virginia Apgar when died?


Where was Virginia Apgar born?

Westfield, New Jersey

When did Virginia Apgar die?

August 7, 1974

Where did Virginia Apgar die?

New York City, New York, USA

What is Virginia Apgar nationality?


What is Virginia Apgar's occupation?


Short Biography

Virginia Apgar (7 June 1909–7 August 1974) was an American-Armenian obstetrical anesthesiologist. She was a leader in the fields of anesthesiology and teratology, and introduced obstetrical considerations to the established field of neonatology. To the public, however, she is best known as the inventor of the Apgar score, a way to quickly assess the health of newborn children immediately after birth.