William Goldsmith date of birth:

July 4, 1972

How old is William Goldsmith?


Where was William Goldsmith born?

Seattle, Washington

William Goldsmith body shape:


What color is William Goldsmith's hair?

Brown - Light

What is William Goldsmith's ethnicity?


What is William Goldsmith nationality?


What is William Goldsmith's occupation?


William Goldsmith claim to fame:

Foo Fighters

What genre is William Goldsmith's work?

Alternative rock, post-hardcore, emo

What instruments does William Goldsmith play?


Short Biography

William Goldsmith (born July 4, 1972) is an American drummer best known for being the drummer of the Seattle alternative band Sunny Day Real Estate and for his tenure as the drummer of the alternative rock band Foo Fighters. Currently drumming for Brawley Banks and a reunited Sunny Day Real Estate, he has toured with Mike Watt, IQU, and has recorded and played live with many other bands and artists.