What is Young Maylay's full name?

Christopher Bellard

Young Maylay nickname(s):

Chris, Maylay, Young Maylay, Christopher Bellard, Chris Bellard

Young Maylay date of birth:

July 11, 1979

How old is Young Maylay?


Where was Young Maylay born?

Los Angeles, California USA

Young Maylay body shape:


What color are Young Maylay's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Young Maylay's hair?


Is Young Maylay gay or straight?


What is Young Maylay's ethnicity?


What is Young Maylay nationality?


What is Young Maylay's occupation?

Rapper and record producer

Young Maylay claim to fame:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as Carl Johnson

What genre is Young Maylay's work?

Hip hop, Gangsta Rap, West Coast hip hop

What instruments does Young Maylay play?


Short Biography

Young Maylay was born as Chris Bellard. He is an actor, known for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Introduction (2004) and The Brodies (2014).Trivia (1)Released his album "San Andreas: The Original Mixtape", inspired by his role in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on 5th July, 2005 under his own independent record label Malaynium Muziq.