What is Alfredo Casero's full name?

Alfredo Casero

Alfredo Casero date of birth:

November 12, 1962

How old is Alfredo Casero?


Where was Alfredo Casero born?

Vicente Lopez, GBA

Alfredo Casero body shape:


What color are Alfredo Casero's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Alfredo Casero's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Alfredo Casero gay or straight?


What is Alfredo Casero's ethnicity?


What is Alfredo Casero nationality?


What is Alfredo Casero's occupation?

Actor, Musician

Alfredo Casero family:

Nazareno Casero (son) (actor)

Short Biography

Alfredo Casero (born November 12, 1962 in Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province) is an Argentine musician, actor and comedian.