What is Allan do Carmo's middle name?


Allan do Carmo date of birth:

August 3, 1989

How old is Allan do Carmo?


Where was Allan do Carmo born?

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

How tall is Allan do Carmo?

5' 6" (168 cm)

How much does Allan do Carmo weigh?

132 lbs (59.9 kg)

Allan do Carmo body shape:


What color are Allan do Carmo's eyes?


What color is Allan do Carmo's hair?


What is Allan do Carmo's ethnicity?


What is Allan do Carmo nationality?


What is Allan do Carmo's occupation?


Short Biography

Allan Lopes Mamédio do Carmo (born 3 August 1989) is a Brazilian swimmer, who specialized in open water marathon. He is considered one of the fastest professional open water swimmers in the world, finishing near the top of FINA World Cup races for the 10 km marathon. He also won a bronze medal for his category at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro.