Alois Jirásek date of birth:

August 23, 1851

How old was Alois Jirásek when died?


Where was Alois Jirásek born?

Hronov, Czech Republic

When did Alois Jirásek die?

March 12, 1930

Where did Alois Jirásek die?

Prague, Czech Republic

What religion is Alois Jirásek?


What is Alois Jirásek's ethnicity?


What is Alois Jirásek nationality?


What is Alois Jirásek's occupation?

Writer, politician

What genre is Alois Jirásek's work?

Literary realism

Short Biography

Alois Jirásek (August 23, 1851, Hronov, Kingdom of Bohemia – March 12, 1930, Prague) was a Czech writer, author of historical novels and plays. Jirásek was a secondary-school teacher until his retirement in 1909. He wrote a series of historical novels imbued with faith in his nation and in progress toward freedom and justice. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1918, 1919, 1921 and 1930.