What is Amy James Kelly's full name?

Amy James-Kelly

Amy James Kelly nickname(s):

Amy Kelly

Amy James Kelly date of birth:


How old is Amy James Kelly?


Where was Amy James Kelly born?

Antrim, Northern Ireland

How tall is Amy James Kelly?

5' 4" (163 cm)

Amy James Kelly body shape:


What color are Amy James Kelly's eyes?


What color is Amy James Kelly's hair?


What is Amy James Kelly's ethnicity?


What is Amy James Kelly nationality?


Where did Amy James Kelly go to school?

Manchester School of Acting

What is Amy James Kelly's occupation?


Amy James Kelly claim to fame:

Maddie Heath on Coronation Street

Amy James Kelly agent:

Lime Management, Curtis Brown Group Ltd.

Short Biography

Amy James-Kelly (born 1995) is a British actress best known for her role as Maddie Heath in ITV's Coronation Street from December 2013 to June 2015. Before landing the role in Coronation Street, she was at the Manchester School of Acting studying A-Level Art, Theatre Studies and Photography. She also composes music part-time.James-Kelly's career began when she landed her first role in Britain's longest-running soap opera Coronation Street as troubled teenager Maddie Heath. She made her debut on 25th December 2013 when Sophie Webster began volunteering at a homeless shelter where she be-friended Maddie, much to her mother Sally's dismay. The friendship soon leads to something more and the pair fall in love. James-Kelly told reporters that she found out she had won the role on the way home from college on the bus. In February 2015, James-Kelly announced that she had decided to leave Coronation Street to pursue other objects. On leaving, she said "I made the decision to leave because I’m young and adventurous and I want to gain more experience and explore and improve my craft. Acting is my passion and I’m excited to see where it takes me." She made her final appearance on 1st June 2015 when trying to alert Sophie to danger, but was caught in an explosion in the builders' yard in the process from the fire at the Victoria Court flats. She got taken to hospital but sadly died from her injuries with Sophie, Sally and Kevin by her side. She has now landed her second TV role in new eight-part period drama, Jericho, where she will play Martha, which is currently in production but expected to air in 2016.Before appearing in Coronation Street, James-Kelly had starred in productions of Beauty Manifesto, Trojan Women, My Fair Lady and Frank and Ferdinand.